Discover how Easy it can be to Train your Own Autism Assistance Dog

Assistance does not have to come with a high price tag. In this fully online course we give you all the tools you need to successfully train your own Autism Service Dog.

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Discover how Easy it can be to Train your Own Autism Assistance Dog

Independence does not have to come with a high price tag. In this full online course we give you all the tools you need to successfully train your own Autism Assistance Dog.

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No Wait List!

Compared to the industry standard 2-year waiting list to qualify for a Autism Assistance Dog, you can get started training your dog today fully online!

In the convenience of your own home. 

Meets Airline & Housing Requirements

Yes, once your dog passes the appropriate training protocols from these courses they will qualify to fly in the cabin of a plane for free and will be exempt from pet deposits and pet rent.

Save Thousands of Dollars!

This course pays for itself almost 10x over! 

This course is designed as a solution for people who need high quality training at an affordable price. 


These courses are designed to produce results. Created by TJ Smith, a professional service dog trainer with over 20 years of experience. We are just as passionate at providing you results as you are passionate about having a well trained service dog to help improve your the quality of your life.

Recognized In All 50 states

Regardless of where you live, if you qualify for a service animal (have a physical or psychological disability) and your dog passes our course, then you will receive all the service animal benefits and rights.

Personalized Service

For an additional fee you can get live 1-on-1 online access to a Professional Trainer and enjoy private lessons tailored to your needs over Zoom.

More than a Companion

The benefits of having an assistance dog are immeasurable. Although different with every child, they often provide companionship, reduce anxiety and depression, improve social skills, increasing social interactions and improving sensory integration, increase independence and self-esteem, promote physical activity and healthy habits. Often times, an autism dog can function as a living and breathing sensory integrative tool. Calming effects have been noted by many of our clients.

You Will Receive all the Tools You Need to Train Successfully!

This program gives you access to a valuable library of video dedicated to produce an industry quality Autism Assistance Dog.

The Autism Assistance Dog program is an online course that teaches you how to train your own dog to be an autism assistance dog and become a companion. You'll learn everything from the basics of training, socialization, and behavior modification all the way up to advanced skills like public access work.

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Here is Everything You and Your Dog Will Learn:

This program gives you access to a extensive library of video content dedicated to produce an industry quality Autism Assistance Dog.

Obedience Training

These lessons help you step into the role as a trainer through the process of positive reinforcement and training designed for advanced results.

Here is everything included:

  • 15 On-Demand Explanation Videos
  • Obedience Training Tailored for Your Service Dog
  • Drive & Ability Development for Your Dog

Public Access Training & Advanced Public Outing Training Techniques

A comprehensive guide for both the basics and advanced techniques of Public Access Training. By mastering these public access skills you will help advance your dog and insure they are under control in Public Access settings.

Here is everything included:

  • 14 On-Demand Explanation Videos
  • Instructions on What to Bring with Your Dog
  • Parking Lot Etiquette
  • Commands such as: Under, Through, Lean In, Lap
  • Conditioning for Your Dog to Walk up Stairs
  • Learning to Perform Within a Building
  • Elevator Etiquette
  • Escalator Safety Precautions
  • Maintaining Your Dog's Work Mode Mentality
  • Situational Awareness
  • Table Etiquette

Archival Documentation Package

Included with every course is your documentation package:

  • Your personalized certificate
  • Official handout cards
  • Entry in our online database of service dogs, which can be instantly searched by airlines and landlords.

Would You Like Personalized Support?

Our Standard package includes a One-on-One Personalized Coaching Session to help with any questions you may have about training your dog. 

We believe in providing personalized support. You will have access to a One-on-One Personalized Coaching Session. See our FAQ section to learn the difference between our Standard Package and our Platinum Package. You can always purchase extra private lessons if needed.

One-on-One Virtual Coaching Sessions

Included in your course is a One-on-One VIP Virtual coaching sessions that will be catered to your specific needs and your dog. Additional private lessons can be purchased later if needed. You can rest assured that we want to go above and beyond for you with personal support. We want to make sure this course is the only course you will need and is a success for you and your dog.

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We love to hear the wonderful success stories from our customers. Below are a few we wanted to share with you!


Utilized the Online Video Series

My local Autism Society support group referred me to Companion Training. At this point I don’t know how I got along without a Service Dog in our lives. It has been invaluable for my son. There was more to the training than I had expected, but it ended up being well worth it. I recommend this course to anyone looking to train a service dog for their child.


Utilized both the Online Video Series & Personal Coaching

 I would recommend TJ to anyone for dog training. He has a lot of experience and loves what he does. He was punctual, professional, and positive through the whole process. We trained a service dog for my special needs son. TJ was so patient and kind. He knows dogs and is very passionate about teaching them to help people. I felt he truly wants to help people have a better life.


Utilized the Online Video Series

Our experience with Companion Training was very professional. We had been turned down by several agencies due to funding restrictions, while others had a waiting list of 1 year out or more. We used the online courses to train my daughters Service Dog for her ASD. I’ve already seen a decrease in meltdowns and an increase in social interactions. The calming effect has been the biggest improvement for us.

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